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Shining Bright in Nottinghamshire!

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The charity Shine is delighted to confirm that vital services for people with disability in the East Midlands will be able to move forward thanks to the generous support of the Boots Charitable Trust. Shine runs a range of services for people affected…

Charity urges women to take folic and B12 pre-and-post conception

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In response to a statement by the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin about the importance of taking vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin D during pregnancy, the charity Shine is highlighting the importance of taking folic acid and vitamin B12 three months prior…

Unique Heritage Exhibition to Launch in Peterborough

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A unique exhibition launching in Peterborough in July will bring to life the fascinating heritage of the medical conditions, spina bifida and hydrocephalus, which have been around for thousands of years. Enabled by a £60,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and support…

Join our Chairman on a 50 mile charity walk

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Supporters at Shine are celebrating its 50th birthday by calling on friends to pull on their walking boots and join them for a 50 mile walk. The challenge is for walkers and fundraisers to walk from Ely Cathedral to the Bluebell Inn in…

A floral first celebrates disability hope

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Visitors to Long Eaton, Derbyshire are in for a floral treat this summer. From 16th June a unique carpet bedding display in the town centre will celebrate the golden anniversary of the charity, Shine. The display, near the Town Hall in Derby Road,…

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