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Order your free 'Hydrocephalus and Me' card today, and help those around you to understand what support they can offer you to help with the effects of your condition.

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Not sure what to include?  Check out our examples below, but remember - no two people with hydrocephalus are the same, your card is personal to you.

Hydrocephalus means that I might:

  • have headaches 
  • have blurred or double vision 
  • have bladder and / or bowel incontinence 
  • have anxiety and / or panic attacks 
  • have depression   
  • have difficulties with walking and/or balance
  • have difficulties with co-ordination and/or wayfinding
  • have difficulties with memory 
  • have difficulties with following conversation / instructions 
  • have difficulties with starting tasks and / or completing them 
  • have difficulties with learning and concentration 
  • have difficulties with controlling my mood / behaviour 
  • have difficulties with judging when I need help 
  • have difficulties with taking in a lot of information all at once
  • have difficulties with adapting to change 

Things you can do to help, include: 

  • Finding me somewhere to sit down 
  • Getting me a glass of water 
  • Writing things down that I need to remember / give me time to write them down or record them on my phone 
  • Being patient 
  • Speaking clearly, with information given in small ‘chunks’ 
  • Giving me some extra time to complete a task 
  • Finding an accessible toilet 
  • Sending me reminders about appointments / tasks 
  • Helping me calm down if I’m anxious 
  • Reminding me what I need to do, and when 
  • Giving me somewhere quiet to work

For instructions on how to use your card, check out our video below.


Order your Hydrocephalus and Me Card

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