About Anencephaly

Anencephaly occurs within the first 28 days of pregnancy when an unborn baby’s brain doesn’t form properly in the womb.  Our information includes things you may wish to consider, and advice to support you with the difficult choices ahead.

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Anencephaly Support Group

Our closed and confidential group offers support to anyone dealing with the loss of a child to Anencephaly.  A safe space, it is free to join and a place to ask questions and share your experiences at any stage of your journey.

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Preventing Anencephaly

We don’t know all the causes of Anencephaly, but there are some ways to reduce your chances of an NTD affected pregnancy.  

This section contains important information and an opportunity to join our campaign for the mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid, an initiative proven to significantly reduce NTD’s in more than 80 countries across the world.

Lowering the chances

Genetic and environmental factors can contribute to the development of NTD’s during pregnancy. This section includes some useful do’s and don'ts as well as things to look out for to keep your chances to a minimum. 

Folic acid

Found in leafy green veg and readily available from your local chemist, taking folic acid is proven to reduce the chances of an NTD affected pregnancy by up to 70%.  A must read if you’re sexually active, even if babies aren’t on your mind just yet.

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