Leave a gift in your will

A legacy may be the largest gift most of us ever make, and it can be very rewarding to think about the causes you want to support through a gift in your will.

“Many years ago we were personally touched by spina bifida, and have been active supporters of Shine’s fundraising ever since, to help other people benefit from the research and help that Shine gives. We feel that gifts left in our wills as a legacy will continue to provide funds long after we have gone… The benefits are twofold as they reduce the inheritance tax for our relatives and provide much needed help to the charity.” (Mrs L, Legacy Pledger)  

Legacies have a significant impact for Shine, averaging up to 10% of the charity’s income each year. That’s equivalent to supporting more than 1,000 members, an entire region, or new wellbeing programme!

Making a will and keeping it up-to-date is important to ensure your family and the causes you care about are legally provided for after you are gone.

With the help of a local professional advisor such as a solicitor, it’s easy to make or amend your will and set out any gifts you want to make.

By acting now, you could be helping Shine for literally generations to come, and that really is something to feel good about.

If you would like to know more about supporting Shine through a gift in your will, please contact us on 01733 555988 or legacies@shinecharity.org.uk

Everyone can leave the world a better place…

Shine is proud to be a member of the legacy consortium Remember A Charity which works to increase legacy giving as a lasting way to support charities, and to make it easier for anyone who wants to leave a gift in their will.

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