Shine Awareness Week 2018

Celebrate life during Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Week, and support us by going yellow!

Each year, Shine hosts an Awareness Week campaign which aims to celebrate, educate and inform, putting Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus under the spotlight as we aim to increase knowledge of these complex, life limiting, yet poorly understood conditions.

We need your support to spread the word, but just as importantly, we need to continue to find ways to raise money so we can keep on supporting and improving the lives of those affected.

For ways to get involved, or information about the conditions and the work we do, see below or join in the conversation online using the hashtag #ShineBright18


Awareness Week Media Kit

Whether you're putting up posters at school, in the office or going yellow on social media, everything you need to help make some noise during Awareness Week is available to download below.

Items will open in a new tab.  (To download the Facebook banner, right click on the image and select 'Save image as'

Downloadable materials


Why we need your help...

Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus are neural tube defects (NTD) which can develop during pregnancy.  Whilst the exact cause remains unclear, studies have shown that increasing your folic acid (a readily available B vitamin) intake three months prior to conception can reduce the chances of developing the conditions by as much as 70%.

More than 80 countries across the world currently add folic acid to white flour, an initiative proven to dramatically reduce instances of NTD's.  We want the UK to be next. Join our 'Fight for Fortification'

What is spina bifida?

Spina bifida literally means ‘split spine’. A fault in the development of the spinal cord and surrounding bones (vertebrae) leaves a gap or split in the spine. The spinal cord has not formed properly, and may also be damaged.

Learn more about the condition

What is hydrocephalus?

A build up of fluid on the brain, hydrocephalus can have a range of physical and cognitive effects. Click here to learn more about the condition, how it occurs and its many different forms.

Learn more about the condition

What's on near you...

From fundraising events and pop-up information stands, to buildings lighting up across the country to mark the big occasion, there's lots going on!  Check out our interactive map below for details of what's taking place near you throughout Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Week

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