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In Your Own Words... Brett Glover

Brett has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He's a writer, a wrestling fan, and a bit of a music buff, and says that despite the "limits" the world might see, he doesn't feel limited at all.

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It's Spina Bifida Awareness Month [October] and with that, I often reminisce about my life and the journey in which brings me to today; be it the countless operations or the really positive experiences I've had. 

I have the worst of Spina Bifida; which means I am paralysed from the waist, have water on the brain and ultimately use a wheelchair.

However, that does not mean I'm limited to being a success; in actuality I'm very lucky. I've been very lucky to have lived a life thus far that has enabled me to live out dreams that I never thought I could. 

I went to college, where I met an incredible bunch of friends (some, I was lucky enough to meet afterwards) and I achieved a decent grade in 3 years of working on a Media course; with the intention of working on the radio.

I did that, I was able to bring my knowledge of radio and turn that into a radio show for the general public. While browsing the internet awhile ago, I discovered a website that was looking for writers. A website where I could fully embrace my love of professional wrestling. I decided to take a leap and see if I could offer my services and apparent qualities to such an amazing website. I got to write about wrestling; a sport that I've grown up with and developed a passion for that burns ever brighter today. 

Over the past year, social media has been a blessing for me. It allowed me to chase several dreams, albeit not quite there yet. One of the biggest (and ongoing) moments of my life has been the opportunity to converse with people that inspire me to be, well, me.

Furthermore, 2015 was a year to remember in the sense that one of my biggest dreams is closer than ever to coming true, thanks in part to a letter I wrote to a band known as The Script; a band whose music inspires me in a world where inspiration is oftentimes hard to find. A band that I am proud to say I idolise and that have been a great support to me through various things, over the past year or so since I got that elusive Twitter "follow".

Since March 2013 where I saw them live, I had this idea that someday I'd be fortunate enough to spend time with and meet The Script. I don't know what the future holds, but I do hope somewhere along the line; I get the opportunity to meet them.

In closing, one of the most gratifying things for me, is the trust that some of you have in me; to message me whenever you need any advice, comfort or just to raise a smile. I really do appreciate that people do that; it makes me proud that I'm able to help in some way when someone needs it.

I hope people take something from this and read it. These are genuine, heartfelt words about a guy that, despite how "limited" the world had portrayed him, he really isn't limited at all.

That, my friends, is the point of all this. If you ever feel like you can't do something; trust me, you can. It may take years and you may experience setbacks but you CAN do whatever you set your mind to. You're not limited by society and its notions of what is right or wrong in the world. The only limits you do have, are those that you place upon yourself.

Keep being yourself, do whatever makes you happy and do it with the people that make you happiest. I do that and I couldn't be more content with life.

Thank you for reading.


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Did You Know?

Some babies with spina bifida are now operated on before they are born, via keyhole surgery.

Hydrocephalus can be congenital or acquired.

NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) is an excessive build-up of fluid in the head.

Hydrocephalus is a build up of excess fluid in the brain.

Some 11 - 35% of people with Intracranial Hypertension recover spontaneously.

Most babies with spina bifida undergo surgery within 48 hours of birth.

“Every effort should be made to ensure that all children are immunized, no opportunity to immunize should be missed.”

If you have spina bifida +/or hydrocephalus you should receive the same vaccinations as any others, when going abroad.

Hydrocephalus comes from the Greek "hydro" meaning water and "cephalie", meaning brain.

Some forms of hydrocephalus require no specific treatment.

Medical advice should always be sought if shunt infection is suspected.

Shunt: a device that diverts accumulated cerebro-spinal fluid around the obstructed pathways back to the bloodstream.

Possible signs of chronic shunt blockage include: fatigue, general malaise or behavioural changes.

A shunt alert card should be carried at all times by people with hydrocephalus treated by a shunt.

Possible signs of acute shunt blockage may include: visual disturbances, drowsiness and seizures.

Symptoms of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus are similar to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease or simply increasing age.

NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) occurs most often in people aged over 60.

Benign Intracranial Hypertension aka Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension affects about one or two in every 100,000 people!

Symptoms associated with raised intracranial pressure; headache, visual disturbances, photophobia, vomiting, problems with balance...

Diagnosis of Intracranial Hypertension is by scan + measurement of the CSF pressure.

Babies born prematurely are at increased risk of developing hydrocephalus.

Shine can raise money by recycling your used inkjet cartridges, toners or CDs and DVDs.

Para-athletes with spina bifida and hydrocephalus compete in sports ranging from cycling to dressage.

Hydrocephalus may affect memory, concentration and behaviour.

The usual treatment for hydrocephalus is to insert a shunt into the brain.

CSF stands for cerebro-spinal fluid.

Benny Bear is a teddy with hydrocephalus who helps children understand the condition.

Shine is always looking for Marathon Runners to help with fundraising.

Spina bifida occulta is a hidden form of spina bifida.


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