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Realising Your Dreams ...

    • John Richards
    • John Richards
    • John Richards
    • John Richards

by John Richards, Shine Support and Development Worker

"It’s alright, it’s ok, doesn’t really matter if you’re old and grey
"It’s alright, I say, it’s ok, listen to what I say
"It’s alright, doing fine, doesn’t really matter if the sun don’t shine
"It’s alright, I say it’s ok, you’re getting to the end of the day.

We over 50s can surely relate to this song by Dennis Waterman at the beginning of the TV programme about a group of older police officers. I have the same feeling about having spina bifida and NPH when it comes to believing that I can still enjoy life and, more importantly, contribute to the lives of people around me, many of whom are half my age.

With the new Silver Dreams project Shine is now putting a greater emphasis on the health factors that may befall us oldies with SB and/or H, and looking at how they might affect the interests and hobbies, not to mention lifestyles, we might seek, despite having these “old friends”.

Personally, I am married with a son, am a Christian and lead Milton Keynes Torch Fellowship Group for visually impaired Christians. I am also passionate about cricket. I enjoy visits to the theatre, music, and eating out (probably a factor in my being overweight!)

Many people enjoy more adventurous activities. Some people have mobility or cognitive issues and may need encouragement to overcome these difficulties particularly by learning of sources of support, advice, and the friendship which comes from shared hobbies.

The Silver Dreams Project aims to encourage members to share ideas and opportunities for their leisure time, pursued independently of their families and/or the people with whom they live, thus enriching the relationship when coming back together, as both parties have something new to talk about. Therefore, let’s not only embrace 2013, but also resolve to take advantage of the benefits of this new project.


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