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Prize Pigeons Soar to the Rescue!

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Did you know that pigeons are thought to be one of the most intelligent birds? Their superb navigation, hearing, speed and soaring ability have long been admired in racing and as message carriers. They can also detect ultra-violet light and spot the orange / yellow life jackets of survivors at sea twice as quickly and reliably than humans.

As well as saving lives, these clever little birds are also helping to rebuild them.

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association has generously donated £thousands to help people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus through the British Homing World Show of the Year, which received a Shine Special Recognition Award in 2016.

Shine Community Fundraiser, Charlotte Griggs, is looking forward to taking part in the next BHW event in Blackpool, 20-21 January, which this year will have 2,000 top pigeons on show and 25,000 visitors!

Charlotte said: “When I joined Shine I never expected to be taking part in an event of this kind or scale. We are so grateful for the Association’s support over the years, and taking the Shine stand has become a highlight on our calendar!”

Despite the myths, pigeons are very clean, pair for life, and make great pets too! For more see

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