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Lighting up the world one building at a time...

    • national library lit for shine 2017
    • spinnaker tower
    • andover guildhall
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You may have spotted something different over the last fortnight. Something a bit brighter. Venues across the country lit up in gold, yellow or white on World Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day to highlight the mental health challenges people experiencing these conditions can…

Brett's Story - Awareness Week 2017

    • Brett's Story - Awareness Week 2017
Hello all, You’ll probably remember my story from last year where I told you how I deal with Spina Bifida and how I feel limitless in spite of the limits and labels that the world can oftentimes put upon a person with a…

Kelly brothers’ cycle challenge for Chloe

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Three brothers from Northern Ireland - John, Thomas and Mark Kelly - have raised more than £13,000 for Shine by taking on the London to Paris cycle challenge and other fundraising efforts. The trio were inspired by little Chloe, Thomas and Sylvia's daughter,…

Maryam's Story - Awareness Week 2017

    • Maryam's Story - Awareness Week 2017
Maryam sits cheerfully on her mum’s lap, chewing the wooden jigsaw piece that mum Natalia has just given her. The piece is soon on the floor… and the next one... Maryam is bright and bonny, the picture of health. You would never know…

Jo's Story - Awareness Week 2017

    • Jo's Story - Awareness Week 2017
Jo Pugh has a full on life. At 38, she is a Project Manager in the NHS, teaches Spanish privately, has a busy social life and is also a Shine volunteer. Jo was born with spina bifida. Her parents were told that she…

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