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New research findings bring prevention hope for spina bifida

    • Folic Acid
New research suggests that women who take folic acid with vitamin B8, known as inositol, before and during pregnancy may be able to prevent foetal neural tube defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly from occurring. The findings, published in the British Journal…

Advice on early puberty

    • Gill Yaz
    • Gill Yaz
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By Gill Yaz, Health Development Manager Puberty is a difficult time for most young people, with changes to your appearance, hormones, and feelings. The challenges Starting puberty early can make it harder to deal with, and for young people with learning challenges it…

Focus on physiotherapy

    • maya
by Gill Yaz, Health Development Manager Physiotherapy is a healthcare discipline which focuses on muscles and movement. Physiotherapists are trained to know how the body moves when we’re healthy, and how illness, injury, or disability can be improved with targeted exercises. Physiotherapists are also…

Who do I tell, and when?

    • gill yaz
Shine’s Health Development Manager, Gill Yaz, on some common concerns. Spina bifida and hydrocephalus can have a big impact on life. Working, driving, and relationships can sometimes seem more complicated, and I’m often asked ‘When is the best time to tell people about…

Shine Health Hub

    • health suite
If there’s one issue that our members and their families constantly worry about it’s the quality of the health services that they can access. We all know that amazing things can be achieved by our members and that disability is more about the…

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