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Taking Charge - a new guide to living with a disability or health condition

    • Disability Rights
If you have a physical or mental health condition, have just been given a life-changing diagnosis or your health is starting to worsen in later life, then a new publication called 'Taking Charge' may be for you. Published this April, 'Taking Charge', explains…

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Frequently Asked Questions

    • normal pressure hydrocephalus
Why is it called ‘normal pressure’ hydrocephalus and what is the difference between this and other types of hydrocephalus? It is called normal pressure hydrocephalus because when Hakim and Adams first described it in 1965, the three patients that they mentioned in their…

Let’s connect!

    • active online communities
Here at Shine we are always trying to think up new ways of connecting our members. We realise that often the best advice and support comes from those who can truly understand the challenges you face – your fellow members. One of the…

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