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Spina bifida affects people in many different ways, and to differing extents. Some of the effects of spina bifida might not be visible, but still affect day-to-day life. We’ve designed the Spina Bifida and Me card so you can let others know about any aspects of your condition you would like them to be aware of. This might include, for example- 

Spina bifida means that I might:

  • find it hard to stand for long periods of time
  • need support to get up if I fall
  • live with pain every day
  • not be able to wait in a queue for the toilet - it’s always urgent!
  • prefer to use use a wheelchair for long distances rather than trying to walk
  • need to sit on public transport because my balance is affected
  • need to be told information more than once to take it in
  • benefit from support to keep organised or motivated
  • not notice that some assistance would be helpful - It’s OK to offer assistance, I might accept or might decline. 
    Please feel free to add in anything you’d like others to be aware of, it’s up to you how you use this, or whether you wish to use it at all 

Order your Spina Bifida and Me Card

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