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Spina Bifida Awareness Week 2019 -  Angus' Story

29th October 2019


Angus' Story...

He is not defined by his condition!

'Most determined kid we’ve ever known and has spent his life surpassing everyone’s expectations.'

Angus was born with spina bifida myelomeningocele. He has all the associated issues you might expect - he walks with an ankle foot orthotic and uses a wheelchair over longer distances. This aside, he’s the most determined kid we’ve ever known and has spent his life surpassing everyone’s expectations.

Inspired by Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, Angus, now aged 8, is hooked on a sport called WCMX (Wheelchair Motocross). WCMX competitors use their wheelchair on the skate park, and last year, Angus told us he wanted to pursue it further – he held his own fundraiser, a sponsored wheel, to raise enough money for a lightweight wheelchair to help him get started, then with help from another charity, purchased his own bespoke WCMX chair. He hasn’t looked back since.

In August, he travelled to Cologne to compete in the world championships, placing 5th in the under 16’s beginners division. Considering he only took up the sport a year ago, we were immensely proud of him – the journey it’s taken him on is amazing and we’re astounded by the progress he has made and how his confidence has grown. It’s made him even more resilient through falling, and learning to always get back up.

We’re also incredibly grateful to Lily Rice, a gold medallist and women’s world champion and her dad Mark, who’ve taken Angus under their wing from the start – it’s so important that kids with physical difficulties learn to become competent and capable adults and this sport has the potential to change millions of children’s lives for the better.

Despite Angus’ physical difficulties he leads a full, active and joyful life. He has many special interests and passions. Whilst he isn’t skating he adores animals - especially snakes! - basketball cards and fossils. We know he’ll continue to break down barriers and enjoy his life and we feel really lucky to have him to give us this perspective on life.

We wanted to share his successes to inspire other families and kids with spina bifida to pursue their dreams. The medical side of spina bifida can be so overwhelming for when you first receive a diagnosis, it’s hard to see the amazing gift you are really getting. We had no way of knowing how amazing Angus would be and wish we had been able to chat other parents who had older kids.


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