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Hydrocephalus Awareness Week 2020 - Lennie

12th February 2020


Lennie's Story...

Hydrocephalus doesn’t stop you
from doing the things you enjoy

Lennie was born 10 weeks early and experienced bleeds on both sides of his brain. Consequently he has both Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus and a VP shunt inserted at 7 months.

Shine has been a great help and support to us as a family over the last few years. I've contacted the health team regarding shunt advice and have found them helpful and knowledgeable.

The education team have also been supportive, and are both lovely and extremely knowledgeable.

Lennie has lots of challenges and always will require support in many aspects of life. We don't allow those challenges to be barriers to a full and exciting life however.

He loves to play the piano, swim and race run. He even surfed last summer and was joint winner for The Surfer of the Year with a Disability Award at the WP Awards 2019 from Wave Project!

Skiing is next on the list!

A hydrocephalus diagnosis can be daunting and scary. It really helps that Shine is there with knowledge, support and help in meeting other families with similar experiences.


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