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Hydrocephalus Awareness Week 2020 - Steve

12th February 2020


Steve's Story...

Hydrocephalus is not predictable -
take each day as it comes.

I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at about age 45, had 10 brain surgeries and spent over 12 months in hospital.

I am ex-army and had a very active and sporty person, but that was suddenly taken away from me.

No-one knows how it happened, I was in a sort of coma unable to move or eat or drink, I was just laying in a hospital bed being peg fed.

One day it felt like I woke up and realised where I was, in a hospital, and I thought that I had better get myself out of this situation.

After a very hard and long struggle, I learned to walk again, however, I was told I would never get out of a wheelchair.

I achieved just that and a mountain of other things, so what I tell everyone who is down and in a rutt -

It may not be easy but you can adapt and overcome.

You CAN do it never say never.

Good luck on your journey.

I can cope with living with hydrocephalus. I have a great understanding wife beside me also my mum and family have been so supportive.


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