Disabled children left in lockdown

25th February 2021


In January, as part of the Disabled Children's Partnership, we asked our Parent Panel about the impact of the third lockdown – and the cumulative impact of the pandemic – on them and their families.

They told us of the devastating impact that this and the previous lockdowns were having.  Many told us that their children were not receiving support for the disability or medical condition via health services or school. This has had detrimental impacts on their children’s disabilities during a time of reduced levels of support at home during the pandemic.

The stark reality is that disabled children and their families are continuing to be left in lockdown despite promises from Government to prioritise vulnerable children.  We are calling on the government to create an ambitious and funded Covid recovery and catch up plan for disabled children, covering not just education, but also health and wellbeing, and support for all the family.

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The Longest Lockdown


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