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Jim's Story

5th March 2021


Jim's Story...

"Shine has made a difference to my life as, without them, I’m unsure that I would have been given the knowledge and understanding that I have now."

What was life like before you received support from Shine?

"Life wasn’t bad but I was hit with bad bouts of illness and for a long time, it was passed off and treated as vertigo. I used to be very active, refereeing Gaelic football matches etc. but all of this stopped when I ended up having to have surgery for hydrocephalus. There was not a lot of knowledge on hydrocephalus at that time and it was quite scary not knowing anything about your condition. People around me knew that it was ‘fluid on the brain’ but not how it can affect you in day-to-day life.  I ended up having emergency surgery while on holiday in Cork however upon returning home, I felt like I was not being listened to or taken seriously. This was before I got involved with Shine."

How has Shine supported you?

"After reaching out to Shine and meeting my local support and development worker (SDW), things were a lot different, for the better. I could talk to my SDW about concerns or health issues. It felt good to speak to someone who understood my condition and if my SDW was not available to speak, I was always pointed in the direction of someone else within Shine who could help. When I was sick, they provided me with information on different treatments and where I could get the help I needed. My SDW informed me about a centre in England that specialised in hydrocephalus. She helped me to get in touch with them and eventually travel there for multiple surgeries. Shine has made a difference to my life as without them, I’m unsure that I would have been given the knowledge and understanding that I have now. My SDW checks in with me regularly and I can ask for help with things like benefits or attending meetings."

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