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Take part in research: Hydrocephalus and navigation study

5th March 2021


The University of Plymouth are conducting some research to investigate the skills involved in finding your way around, also known as navigation.

Navigation is our ability to know where we are, to remember where we have been, and to plan how to get from one place to another. People with hydrocephalus often struggle with navigation and the study is about understanding why – this research is the first step towards helping people improve.

If you decide to take part, you will be invited for 4 sessions to complete navigation and reasoning tasks. Each session will last around 1.5 hours. As a thank you, you will receive an £8 Amazon voucher for each hour of time spent doing the study. Deciding whether to take part is completely your choice.

To take part you must have access to:

1.    A computer/laptop with webcam and microphone


2.    An Android or Apple smartphone/tablet (Microsoft phones/tablets are not compatible)

You must also:

  • Be 18-65 years old
  • Be living in England
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision (normal with glasses or contact lenses),
  • Not have an ongoing psychiatric illness
  • Not have a history of head injury or neurological conditions (other than hydrocephalus or spina bifida)
  • Not have alcohol dependency or recreational drug problems.

If you would like to take part or find out more, please contact the researcher Dr. Tara Zaksaite:

Telephone: 01752 584811



This ESRC-funded research is a collaboration between Dr. Tara Zaksaite, Dr. Alastair Smith (University of Plymouth), Prof. Catherine Loveday (University of Westminster), Dr. Trudi Edginton (City University, London), and Prof. Hugo Spiers (University College London).

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