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Transforming treatment of spina bifida with pioneering open fetal surgery

18th March 2021


When NHS England Highly Specialised Commissioners sought to establish a service to provide pioneering prenatal surgery for foetuses with open spina bifida, a collaborative procurement project with NHS Arden & GEM CSU was initiated.

Shine has been an integral partner in this process, which recently won a Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply award.

Based on trust, transparency, and engagement, the multidisciplinary project group successfully co-designed and delivered a service model and procurement strategy to appoint two specialist providers for this complex procedure, including an overseas provider.

Six surgeries have already been undertaken, which will have a transformative impact on the lives of babies and their families.

Find out how this ground-breaking service came to be, in this exclusive feature courtesy of Specialised Medicine magazine.

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This article was first published on the Specialised Medicine website in February 2021, and was developed by the expert authors, Neli Garbuzanova, Bernie Stocks, Dr Ayesha Ali, Fiona Marley, and Kate Steele, and Specialised Medicine. For more expert articles on clinical guidance, please visit:

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