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Carers Week 2022 - Jess and Alfie

8th June 2022


I’m Jess, I fell pregnant with my first child, Alfie-Lee at 23 and found out at my 20 week scan that he had Spina Bifida and when he was born he also had hydrocephalus and needed a shunt. 

I became pregnant again when Alfie was five months old and it did become quite hard looking after a new born and caring for a disabled child. 

We somehow got through but it was tiring with all the hospital visits and learning all about his disability.  It was hard being a young mum and caring for Alfie, getting out and about to different places was and some four years on still is a challenge.

He is 4 now, attends school and enjoys it very much.

We contacted  Shine when Alfie was a newborn and were sent resources to help explain Alfie’s conditions.  I also joined the Ser Bach/Little Stars Closed Facebook Group. 

Anytime I have needed help I have got in touch with Shine.  They arranged events at the zoo and aquarium so we could meet other families and share experiences. 

Sadly COVID stopped that but they held interactive sensory storytelling sessions so the children could still see each other.  They have never not been there to support us when needed, Sian has helped a lot and is always a message away when needed.

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