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Volunteers' Week 2023 - Day 3

3rd June 2023


Volunteers Week is here, and today we're recognising individual skills.

Volunteer Charlene instigated the production of our Non-Visible Disabilities video and guidance toolkit, along with other Shine volunteers who wanted to raise awareness of non-visible disabilities and get people talking about the impact negative words and actions can have on a person.

“I want to raise awareness of non-visible disabilities on multiple platforms."

Charlene was born with spina bifida which has affected her bladder and bowel, and has had multiple surgeries throughout her life. She is a great ambassador for Shine and is keen to get involved in public speaking at hospitals or any other agencies/employers, as well as volunteering with Disability Wales and Equal Power Equal Voice.


To hear more about Charlene and our other volunteer experiences, click here.


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