Shine Stories: Jude

10th July 2024


Whether it’s about living with your condition or how you have helped fundraise for Shine, we love hearing from you. Shine Stories is a great way to share your experiences with our communities, and inspire others to support Shine by fundraising, volunteering, as well as campaigning for us and raising awareness of the conditions and the support we can provide.

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Jude's Story...

Here we speak to Jude's Mum, Katija: 

What made you want to fundraise for Shine? 
We chose Shine as our son Jude has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. 
How has Shine helped you?  
Shine have been a great support to Jude, especially during Covid, they provided information sessions with Bronwyn, their physiotherapist, for Jude’s Clubbed foot to help with his movements and mobility. They also provided materials when Jude started in reception to the school so they could understand more about Jude’s condition and signs to look out for a shunt malfunction. Shine has a lot of useful information on its website that is all relatable to Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. It is easy to read and very informative. 
What types of fundraising have you done?  
In the past, I have taken part in the Yorkshire 1 Peak challenge, we have gone Yellow for Shine and raised money for my birthday. Jude’s Grandparents and School have been involved in fundraising activities as well. We recently organised a litter pick for where we live.  
Why did you / Jude choose to do a litter pick? 
Jude and his dad (Pete) were walking home one Friday when Jude mentioned how unclean it was on the floor, they discussed doing a litter pick the two of them, and Jude, said we could raise money, Pete talked to him about Shine and Jude was 100% in. I then got involved (Jude’s Mum), and it grew from there. On the day, we had about 20 people pick with us, and we even had the local paper write an article on it to raise more awareness.  
Did Jude and his friends and family have a good time doing something for the community? 
We had so much support from the community, the local litter picking group supplied all of the hoops, pickers and bags and arranged for the litter to be collected the day after, his friends all got involved also, along with some family and other friends of the community. On the day Jude walked about half a mile picking up litter, it was only the last stretch when he asked to go into his wheelchair. This is the furthest he has ever walked in one go! We were so proud of him. About a week later, two of his friends asked when we would do it again, as they had enjoyed it so much. It was such a fun experience to do as a community, and I felt it was quite educational for Jude and his friends to show how not dropping litter is important to our community and planet. In total, we raised £1,042 for Shine.


Thank you to Jude, and his family and friends for supporting Shine!

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