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Shine member Rosie receives the best Christmas present…

23rd December 2016



Young Shine member Rosie Moss has received the best present ever, thanks to a team of scientists.

Rosie, 8, who features in the 'Big Life Fix With Simon Reeve' (BBC2, Wednesday 21st December, 9pm) has hydrocephalus, which affects her coordination and balance, further complicated as she has no sight in one eye.

Following brain surgery as a baby Rosie wears a helmet to protect her head, because: “I trip over a lot and I can’t stop”.

Rosie, a keen David Bowie fan, wants to be able to wear her hair just like other girls her age, to fit in with her friends, but the current helmet is restrictive and gets quite hot.

Materials engineer Dr Zoe Laughlin, (above, with Simon and Rosie) co-founder and Director of the Institute of Making at University College London, worked with the ‘fixer’ specialist team over many weeks to come up with a new design, using a lightweight, durable foam.

Rosie said it was “the best day of her life ever” when she tried on her new, lighter headband-style helmet. She will wear this one indoors and in the classroom, and use the older one when she is running around outside.

The Big Life Fix, produced by Studio Lambert, has caused quite a stir in bringing together leading inventors who tailor practical, ingenious solutions to help people in all kinds of need. The website has already had more than 65million views and they are already planning another series. and read more about ‘the fixers’ here.

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