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Volunteers' Week - Celebrating Stacey

8th June 2017



In celebration of National Volunteers' Week, we continue to shine the spotlight on our kind hearted helpers and take a moment to recognise the efforts of Stacey who found Shine through a less obvious route, but has gone on to be a crucial member of our team delivering services to members in London.

Name: Stacy Paddon

Age: 39

From: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

Connection to Shine: Came to us via a Volunteer Bureau

How long has she been volunteering: 3 years

What does she do as a volunteer:

Stacy started volunteering with Shine in 2015 with the Blue Blobbers adult social group for members in and around London.

Stacy assists different members in travelling around the city and offering general assistance during the day.

Stacy doesn’t have any personal connection to Shine, but was looking for an opportunity to get to know some adults with disabilities as her young daughter has a rare genetic condition resulting in developmental disabilities.

To enquire about becoming a Shine Volunteer or for details of events in your area, email for more information.

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