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August Book of the Month

16th August 2018


This months book is Rex's Specs By Jack Hughes

Rex, the tiny T-Rex, has to wear glasses, but sometimes he wishes he didn't have to. So one day, he decides to go out without them. But oh no! What's that ahead? Watch out, Rex!
This engaging story helps all children to understand what it is like to wear glasses, why some people like wearing them and yet others don't, and how friends can help you when you feel upset. It's the ideal book for a child who wear glasses, and also a useful classroom resource to help explain why some people wear glasses and others don't.

Jack Hughes has been a professional illustrator for over 20 years, working on various projects all over the world, from theatre posters to magazine illustration and children's comics.

In recent years, having a young family has been a real inspirational for Jack. This has led to him specialising in children's book illustration. He has created many characters and stories that have been greatly inspired by his young children.

Rex's Specs Activity Sheet


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