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September Book Of The Month

10th September 2018


Summer Reading Matters with Shine in September 

  • Book of the Month for under 5s

Shine is recommending a book a month to families of children under 5 for the summer. There are activity sheets to share, giving parents and carers ideas for enjoying and exploring a recommended story in different ways.

During the school holidays, look on Shine’s website and social media for recommended books to enjoy.

Shine has 3 books to recommend this month!

It’s September so the books are all about starting school and being brave.

  • ‘Benny goes to School’ by Rosemary Batchelor and Val Meyer-Hall with illustrations by Charlotte Meyer
  • ‘Bella Bear – Now I am Four’ by Sharon Saville with illustrations by Alice Wood
  • ‘The Lion Inside’ by Rachel Bright with illustrations by Jim Field

Shine has published two books for children starting school. Both books deal with issues around starting school when a child has additional needs. Benny Bear has hydrocephalus and Bella Bear has spina bifida, which are explained in an easy to understand way for children as they start school.

The Benny and Bella Bear Club is for children aged 0 to 10 years olds and their siblings. When you join you receive a welcome pack containing a teddy bear, an activity book, stickers and a certificate.

If your child is not already a member of the Benny and Bella Bear Club and would like to join then follow the link for more information.


There’s also ‘The Lion Inside’ from the creator of the well-known and loved Bright Side lifestyle brand, Rachel Bright, and the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field. This feel-good rhyming story about one little mouse trying to make himself heard and discovering along the way that even the smallest of us has the heart of a lion.

There’s an activity sheet to go with this book about being brave.

Download The September Activity Sheet Here


  • Summer Reading Challenge

Over the summer, older children and young people have enjoyed the Summer Reading Challenge with Mischief Makers as its theme based in Beano Town, with a cartoon character who is a wheelchair user.

  • Chatterbooks

If children and young people wish to continue with sharing reading fun in the autumn then local libraries run Chatterbooks groups, which are great for meeting friends and getting away from screen time.

  • Oxford Owl Books

Oxford Owl has free eBooks and activities for primary school children, using the reading schemes children will know from school.

Enjoy catching up with the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper using Read with Oxford Interactives

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