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Awareness Week 2018- Sebastian's Story

22nd October 2018


Sebastians's Story...

I’ve been a member of Shine for about 3 years.  My youngest son has hydrocephalus and at the time of membership, I knew very little about the long term health and educational implications hydrocephalus present. 

When we first joined, my son immediately found an identity with the Benny Bear stories and it helped him realise that there are lots of other children with the same condition who he started to meet and have fun with. 

Shine has offered us days out which we would not have done without its help, such as group activity days.  My son could see that other children also became anxious when faced with new things or difficulties but that it was ok and with support, he achieved so much. 

He also had an opportunity to support other children and express his empathy. 

These days out are a real ‘let your hair down’ treat!  As a parent, Shine has been invaluable to me where school has been concerned.  With knowledge and support given to me by the Shine team, I have grown in confidence to talk with teachers, to discuss what can be done to support my son and that his learning difficulties are genuine and need extra input. 

My son is just about to go into secondary school and I know, without doubt, that if teachers need input from Shine, I will only have to call the team which makes the transition so less daunting.  Shine’s services are creative, community enhancing and supportive.


If you've been affected or inspired by Sebastian's story, you can help Shine to support more people just like him by donating £5. Simply text DOIT05 £5 to 70070, your donation will help pay for an information pack containing vital information for new members at a crucial stage in their lives.

Shine welcomed 772 new members in 2016, that's a total of £3860 before we've even began to deliver services. Your small donation could make a big difference.


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