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Awareness Week 2018 - Jaxon's Story

25th October 2018



Jaxon's Story...

What was your main reason for joining Shine?

Jaxon was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 4 months old.  When I looked for support Shine was the only charity I could find that could help.  Shine was able to put me in contact with other parents of children with the same condition.  I was able talk to them about things other parents might not understand.

What ways has Shine helped you?

Meeting other families, socialising, getting out to the house to groups where my son can fit in.  When I went to other groups, I felt my son was left behind. At Shine groups, the parents and the children understand.

What’s your proudest moment so far?

I’m proud of Jaxon every single moment.  I cherish the little milestones as much as the big milestones.  His first smile… when he sat unsupported for the first time (as  we were told he would never be able to sit). His laugh, his love for me and his Daddy.  He is such a loving boy.

Why is Shine important?

I’m part of an amazing group and charity who will always be there; always at the end of the phone.  They make us feel included.

What have you learnt most about yourself as a person?

I’m strong when I need to be.  I’ve been dealt this situation for a reason. That someone needs me more than I need myself.  


If you've been affected or inspired by Jaxon's story, you can help Shine to support more people just like him by donating £5. Simply text DOIT05 £5 to 70070, your donation will help pay for an information pack containing vital information for new members at a crucial stage in their lives.

Shine welcomed 772 new members in 2016, that's a total of £3860 before we've even began to deliver services. Your small donation could make a big difference.


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