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Awareness Week 2018 - Sylvia's Story

26th October 2018


Sylvia's story...

I have been a member of Shine for about four years.

I joined Shine as I had contacted the brain and spine charity, and they told me Shine specialised in shunts.  When I was finally diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) I was told I would need a shunt, and I was very nervous about it - at the age of 77!

Shine helped me a lot.  Angela put me in touch with Valerie, who lived in my area.  She is a similar age to myself.  I took a cab to her home and she explained to me what her experience of the shunt operation was.  

This reassured me greatly, so I wrote to the neurologist saying I would like the operation.  I saw them shortly after and finally had the surgery in December 2006 with very good results.  

It improved my mobility, I went into hospital in a wheelchair and came out with a walking aid.

Shine has certainly met my expectations.  I attended the 2017 conference in Brighton which was a great experience, meeting members and finding out how they manage.

I value membership, as I feet part of a community rather than isolated, as GP's in my practice had never heard of NPH.

I also find the Facebook group useful.  After my operation I had severe tummy pain, but members assured me this was normal after the op, when a foreign body is implanted in your abdomen. 

I rely on Shine, they are supportive and knowledgeable.


If you've been affected or inspired by Sylvia's story, you can help Shine to support more people just like her by donating £5. Simply text DOIT05 £5 to 70070, your donation will help pay for an information pack containing vital information for new members at a crucial stage in their lives.

Shine welcomed 772 new members in 2016, that's a total of £3860 before we've even began to deliver services. Your small donation could make a big difference.

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