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November Book of the Month

17th November 2018


November Book of the Month 2018

Shine’s Book of the Month continues!

Sharing books and reading together are great ways to develop your child’s language skills so Shine is continuing to recommend books with inclusive themes to encourage communication development at home.

This November, cosy up with our recommended books. ‘Ruby’s Worry’ is the one recommended for younger readers, which can be borrowed from most children’s libraries.

Shine South families may recognise the book for older readers this month, following a trip to Hobbledown Farm this summer!

  1. For younger readers – ‘Ruby’s Worry’ by Tom Percival

Ruby loves being Ruby. Until, one day, she finds a worry. At first it's not such a big worry, and that's all right, but then it starts to grow. It gets bigger and bigger every day and it makes Ruby sad. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again? 
A perceptive and poignant story that is a must-have for all children's bookshelves.

Tom Percival is pleased that his book has been chosen by Shine charity and has offered a few signed copies for the first 3 keen readers to apply by email to

Tom’s book has been in the news recently, as part of a drive for improving the mental health of young children. The article, Can children’s books help with the crisis in children’s mental health? can be read via link below -

Can picture books meet the crisis in children's mental health?


  1. For older readers – ‘Hobbledown’ written by AJ Kecojevic and illustrated by Lyn Stone

This book is about a world of ‘mysterical’ magic and fun with Huck, the central character, stepping into a puddle of green ‘glime’ that means trouble!

Join the Hobblers on their stomping adventure as they meet crazy creatures in this make-believe world.


Download the activity sheet here

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