It's Spina Bifida Awareness Week!

Awareness Week is a great opportunity to help raise awareness of the condition and bring the 'Back to the Front' of people's minds.

Throughout awareness week, we aim to empower people to speak confidently about their condition, providing resources to educate GPs', employers and schools, and to demonstrate the support and expertise available through Shine's specialist services.

For ways to get involved,  or information about the condition and the work we do, see below or join in the conversation online using the hashtag #BackToFront and by tagging @ShineUKCharity on Facebook or Twitter.

Tune in to BBC Radio 4

Listen to our nationwide appeal, airing throughout Spina Bifida Awareness Week

Our appeal airs on: Sunday 25th October - 7:54am & 9:25pm I Thursday 29th October - 3:27pm

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Get Involved

This year, we’re asking the question “What would you tell your younger self?”. You could share your answer by uploading a video to our new Shine Voices platform, get tongues wagging by holding a 'Back to Front' event at your workplace or school, or learn something new by attending one of our exclusive 'Live Sessions' 


Everything you need to get involved...

From fundraising posters, infographics and banners for your social media page, through to literature and information, all available at the click of a button.

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What is spina bifida?

Spina bifida literally means ‘split spine’. A fault in the development of the spinal cord and surrounding bones (vertebrae) leaves a gap or split in the spine. The spinal cord has not formed properly, and may also be damaged.

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Related conditions

Alongside spina bifida, there a number of related conditions including tethered cord, anencephaly and hydrocephalus. You can find more information on these conditions in this section.

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