Online Events

Join us for special online sessions every day during Spina Bifida Awareness Week.

Tune in to the sessions streaming live on Facebook as our specialist teams discuss
a different topic in the morning and afternoon each day. The morning sessions at aimed at parents of children with the condition and the afternoon sessions are aimed at young people and adults.

For more information about a particular session, just click the links below.


Friday 23rd October

10am - Virtual halloween costume and pumpkin carving competition

2pm - Better body: nutrition and exercise

Monday 26th October

10am - Messy sensory play – Halloween themed

2pm - Better mind: mental health

Tuesday 27th October

10am - My child with spina bifida - fully ambulant

2pm - Better finances: personal finance, budgeting, benefits

Wednesday 28th October

10am - My child with spina bifida - part time wheelchair users

2pm - Better skin and tissues

Thursday 29th October

10am - My child with spina bifida - full time wheelchair users

11.30am - Better bladder & bowel management for my child

2pm - Better bowel management

Friday 30th October

10am - Halloween competition judging

2pm - Better healthcare: screening / GP letter


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