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Hydrocephalus Awareness Week Starts Today!

4th March 2024


Hydrocephalus Awareness Week 2024 is here and we’ve got a week packed full of events and sessions for all ages, plus our easy-to-use resources are available to download! #LivingWithHydrocephalus

We are very grateful that Hydrocephalus Awareness Week is sponsored by Codman.

*Please note we will be running further information sessions specifically for IIH and NPH in the coming weeks/months.

Find out how you can get involved and access our resources by clicking the link below or continue reading...

Hydrocephalus Awareness Week


Shine Events

Join Shine in a series of online events this week.

To celebrate Hydrocephalus Awareness Week, our specialist teams will be running a variety of online information sessions for members of all ages including; Q&A sessions about your hydrocephalus, life with a shunt, teen groups, support for parents/carers caring for someone, looking after your mental wellbeing, informal coffee and chat sessions, and much more! 
Don't miss out! Book on to our events now by clicking here.


Resource Packs

We’re promoting a number of Resource Packs this year for members to access and request so you can share with care providers, employers, family and friends to help create better awareness and understanding of hydrocephalus. 

Available both digitally and in hard copy – these include:

  • General Hydrocephalus Information Pack for adults or children
  • Education Pack – for schools / colleges / further education
  • Employers / Professionals Pack 
  • Care Providers Pack 
  • GPs Pack 

To request a copy contact or 01733 555988.


Living with Hydrocephalus

#LivingWithHydrocephalus is a campaign to both celebrate and educate.

The condition means many different things to many different people - but it doesn’t define them, and we’re appealing to members to show that by sharing a photograph which gives a glimpse into the real lives of the Hydrocephalus community.

It could be something memorable or mundane, something fantastic or that frustrates you. 

Together, your photos will show the world what life really looks like for people with Hydrocephalus and help to change misconceptions.

You can send your photo to us by emailing (make sure to include a brief explanation) or you can post your image to social media during Hydrocephalus Awareness Week* using the hashtag #LivingWithHydrocephalus.

*Please note that by providing a photo you are giving Shine permission to share this image in marketing activity, including on our social media pages, throughout Hydrocephalus Awareness Week.


Hats On for Hydrocephalus

This Hydrocephalus Awareness Week, join us for 'Hats On For Hydrocephalus Day' on Friday 8th March. Taking part is easy: 

  1. On (or around) Friday 8th March 2024, ask your family, friends, colleagues or community to wear their favourite headwear.
  2. Take a picture and share your photos on social media and tag @ShineUKCharity using #HatsOnForHydrocephalus 

You can find out more about how to get involved, by clicking here.


Get Involved in Hydrocephalus Awareness Week


If you have any questions, please contact us on 01733 555988 or  

As a charity many of Shine’s services are entirely funded by the generosity of supporters, donors and fundraisers.

Thank you for your support.

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