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Adaptive ski trip, sponsored by Bullen Healthcare

15th April 2024


Bullen Healthcare, the provider of Shine Health Direct, is committed to supporting the Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord Injured communities. A standout event in the calendar has involved partnering with Teleflex and Freerider Sports Events to sponsor an adaptive ski trip. This endeavour has proven to be a resounding success. Participants, once doubtful about skiing with their disability, cherish the chance to spend several unforgettable days in Northern Italy. Their experiences on the slopes are nothing short of incredible—overcoming fears, gaining new skills, and, above all, enjoying immense fun.

On Sunday 21st January, 2024, ten eager participants, including Chris Greenhalgh and Paul McKillop from Shine, embarked on journeys from Heathrow, Manchester, and Dublin to Milan and Bergamo Airport, signalling the start of their three-day skiing adventure in Folgaria. Despite some initial nerves, these ten brave individuals were brimming with excitement for the upcoming adventure. Upon reaching Folgaria, the group settled into their hotel, taking a moment to relax, unpack, and forge connections in anticipation of the thrilling skiing experience awaiting them the following day.

Within the group, seven individuals had no prior sit skiing experience and three had some prior experience with sit skiing. Nevertheless, under the guidance of the skilled Freerider team in adaptive skiing, they were in capable hands. Renowned for their proficiency in accommodating individuals with diverse levels of Spina Bifida, the Freerider team excels in pushing boundaries in a friendly and supportive manner. Their expertise ensures that everyone feels at ease stepping out of their comfort zone during this unique skiing experience.

As Monday morning dawned, everyone eagerly rose bright and early, wrapped up warmly for the day ahead. Uncertain of what lay ahead but filled with excitement for the adventures awaiting them over the next three days, the group set out on their skiing journey. Little did they know that these three days would exceed their expectations. From moments of frustration to tears of joy, participants quickly realized that skiing was not only possible but truly accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs. Evenings were dedicated to reliving the day's triumphs, strengthening bonds, and fostering companionship through shared experiences.

As the group reluctantly departed from the slopes, a mixture of exhaustion and satisfaction enveloped them, each cherishing the memories created during the ski trip. Over the past three days, they had experienced a blend of personal achievements and deep connections, forging lasting memories destined to endure for years to come.

Looking ahead, preparations for the 2025 ski expedition are already underway, and Bullen Healthcare is eager to welcome more Shine members to join the adventure. For further details, visit

“The week was an experience that surpassed any expectation I had, from the facilities, to the instructors, the volunteers and the organisers, everything was better than expected and I’d already heard great things. At 40 I didn’t think I’d try new things again and this week opened my eyes to more possibilities yet again, and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone involved for the opportunity.”  Chris

Keep an eye out for Chris’ story of this travel adventures on the ski slopes and travel tips in our next Together magazine out soon!

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