Facebook Group Merger - FAQ's

Shine has recently merged it's smaller, regional groups into a new combined 'Shine England' group.  If you have been affected by this change, please refer to the FAQ's below which will explain why this has happened, and what action you need to take.

When can I join the new Shine England group? 

The new group will be live from Wednesday 5th of May 

How long do I have before my current group closes? 

The existing regional groups will remain open until Monday 7th of June 

Are any other Shine groups closing? 

We are only closing down regional groups for England.  Our Little Stars, This is Me, Shine Through Youth, 40+ and Blue Blobbers groups will remain unchanged. 

What if I forget to join the new Shine England group? 

Between Wednesday 5th of May and Monday 7th June, we will be posting regularly to social media to remind you of the changes.  If you are a registered Shine member and we have permission to email you, you will also receive an email with one week and one day to go before the regional groups are closed. 

If you still forget, don’t worry – our Support and Development Workers will be making contact with Shine members in the existing groups who we don’t have emails for to remind you of the changes, and offer you support in moving across. 

Who else can join the new Shine England group? 

Membership of the new group will be granted to anyone affected by spina bifida and or hydrocephalus who is also a registered member of Shine.  Membership may also be granted to friends and family members, providing they too have registered to become Shine members. 

Shine staff may also be present in the group to share important information, updates or details of upcoming events. 

Why have we done this? 

We wanted to make sure that all members of our Facebook groups received the same information at the same time – this hasn’t always been possible with so many groups to manage.  This new group will be your one stop shop for all information relevant to the spina bifida and hydrocephalus communities in England. 

We also think itimportant to connect you with even more people who have spina bifida and or hydrocephalus, and who’ve had similar experiences to you - this peer network is very important to many of our members at those times when it feels like no-one around understands you. 

The new group will also increase your access to our team of Support and Development workers in England by bringing them all together in one place. 

Can we add you to the new group automatically? 

Sadly not.  You will need to join the new Shine England group yourself, but if you don’t, you will still be removed from your current group on Monday 7th June as part of the closure process. 

How do I join the new Shine England group? 

  1. Visit facebook.com/shineukcharity 
  2. From the menu options beneath the Shine banner, select More 
  3. Scroll down and select Groups 
  4. Find Shine England amongst the list, and click Join Group 

Or watch the video below for a demonstration 

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